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Bob Abrahams

Works by Bob Abrahams

Bob Abrahams is emerging from the rank of a "Sunday painter" as his creative, colourful and impressionistic landscape and still life paintings attract the attention of local and electronic art galleries and serious art buyers.

The quality of his paintings has improved considerably since he has devoted all of his time to painting.

Bob completed an Arts Studies Diploma in the 1970's and attends workshops and studied numerous books by some of the best known artists.

He searches for inspiration in the local and regional landscape and often uses still life settings to explore beauty and impressionistic colour.

Bob says that for him, "creative activities such as painting are like a meditation and help to provide balance in life".

He tries to develop his awareness of beauty in the landscape and still life by celebrating positive values of unity, harmony, integrity and joy etc.

He is currently serving as an "Artist in Residence" at Ellis House Community Art Centre, Bayswater.

Bob has sold many paintings through individual exhibitions, local art galleries and has had many successful small group exhibitions and private sales.

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