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Exhibit Your Art

Are you an Australian Artist? Do you own original Australian art?

We are constantly on the look out for new works of art for our online gallery. You can create your own username and password. To upload new works of art directly to Art Gallery Australia to be sold. All you need is a digital photograph of your art work and an internet-connected computer.


It's free to to become a member of Art Gallery Australia.

You simply pay $45 per item that you upload. You will only be charged based on the number of items accepted onto the Art Gallery Australia web site. Your uploaded art can be paid by credit card or by direct deposit. Comfirmation of your username and password will be emailed to you. Full phone support in adding your art to our web site is available from our technical team on 1300 856 533 or +61 +8 +6389 0758 for mobile phones and international callers.

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Items sold on the web site are subject to a percentage commission. The commision rate will be set by Art Gallery Australia and you on the setting up of your membership account.

Acceptance of Artworks

Please note that we do not accept every piece of art that is sent to us for our web site . All items that you submit are approved or declined for presentation at our discretion. Please submit several pieces of art and do not be offended should we choose not to display a particular item.

Art Work Sales - The Process

When we sell your artwork, we will liaise with you to arrange delivery to the customer. Payment is from the customer to Art Gallery Australia. Art Gallery Australia will provide payment to you once the Money Back Guarantee period has expired and the customer has verified that they are happy with the artwork's condition and suitability.

If your artwork is sold prior to being sold on the web site you must notify Art Gallery Australia immediately so that we can remove the "For Sale" status.

You can also log in and edit status of Art Works that you upload to "Sold" and you can also edit the price, description and re-upload the picture.

Packing and Insurance

Please pack all items to a very high standard. All items must be insured during transit to cover damage or non-delivery. If your goods are damaged during transit then your insurance will cover you. The cost of delivery will be charged to the customer and will require their approval for amounts over $30.00. If you would like Art Gallery Australia to arrange delivery, please let us know and we will assist.

International Sales

Where the item is delivered overseas, the sale price will be reduced by the amount of the GST regardless of whether you are registered for GST or not. For example, an $1100 artwork will only be charged $1000 to an international customer. Your invoice to Art Gallery Australia would be for 66% of $1000 ($666). With Australian sales you would invoice Art Gallery Australia for 66% of $1100 ($726) and this amount should include the GST component.

Delivery Charges

Delivery, packaging and insurance charges for the customer are calculated based on the item(s), destination address and method of delivery chosen. Art Gallery Australia will automatically calculate delivery charges. On occasion these may be incorrect for your order. We will notify you of our calculated delivery charges and you will need to notify us of any differences so that we can notify the customer.

Delivery Time Frame For Artists

After an order has been received for your art, we require you to arrange delivery within a suitable timeframe of 7-21 days.


If a customer decides not to keep their purchase, for any reason whatsoever, you agree to take back your artwork and provide a full refund to Art Gallery Australia, if you have already been paid. The customer must send all returns in the original packaging.

Payment Methods

Art Gallery Australia accepts the following credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. We also accept cheques and Money Orders made payable to "Art Gallery Australia" and mailed to:

Art Gallery Australia
PO Box 911
Nedlands WA 6909

You may also pay by direct deposit into our bank account.

International Customers may be required to use telegraphic transfer of funds for large purchases, as credit card purchases are more prone to fraud attempts, and we may choose not to accept credit card purchases in these instances.

Security & Privacy

All orders are made through a secure web server. For more information on our secure server information see our Security Page.

Why not get started and submit an initial portfolio to Art Gallery Australia? The first step is to sign up as a member which is FREE and then to upload some of your artistic works. For each item you will need to suggest an appropriate category and subcategory, provide an ID Code, the artwork's title, a description if desired, the price, weight of item (for postage reasons), and its dimensions in millimetres (mm).

The image you provide should be of reasonable quality and be no more than 800 pixels wide. Our software will resize your image when you upload it.

Artists will be notified when their selection has been reviewed and will be informed of the procedure for setting up a display on the Art Gallery Australia Web Site.

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