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  • Central Australian Landscape - Image 1
  • Central Australian Landscape - Image 1
535 mm 405 mm
  450 mm 315 mm

Central Australian Landscape


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Albert Namatjira

Framed size: 405 x 535 mm.

Note that the print has some minor damage at the top right corner.

Style: Other
Medium: Print. print
Signed: lower right
Ref. Code: aga135986_200
Not For Sale

Albert Namatjira (1902- 1959), was born Elea Namatjira, in the Australian Aboriginal Arrernte (Aranda) tribe.

One of the most famous Australian artists, he achieved world-wide fame in the 1930s and '40s with his watercolour depictions of the distinctive Australian landscape.

Tragically, he became another victim of the clash between his Aboriginal culture and the racist and patronising laws of the day. As an Aborigine, he was legally barred from owning land. Public outrage at this forced the government to grant him Australian Citizenship in 1957, 10 years before the rest of his people. Convicted of supplying alcohol to his community, an act forbidden by white law, but mandated by tribal law, he spent two months in jail, emerging a broken man. He never painted again.

Art Gallery Australia Central Australian Landscape
Central Australian Landscape
Albert Namatjira
535mm x 405mm Framed
$195.00 - NOT FOR SALE