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  • Frognastics - Image 1
  80 mm 180 mm



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Minky Grant

Artists proof Sheet size: 275 x 210 mm
Style: Realism
Medium: Print. print
Signed: lower right
Ref. Code: aga300755_109

Minky Grant is influenced by the beauty of nature that surrounds her Pymble home, and that inspires her to create intricate artworks in jewellery, printmaking, and miniature painting.

All her works show a whimsical sense of humour which delights in giving everyday events a humorous twist. Her abundant garden houses many of the little creatures that make their way into her artworks, with insects being of special interest. Minky's attention to detail, love of colour and delight in nature, combined with her quirky sense of fun, have led to her work being held in national and international collections.

Art Gallery Australia Frognastics
Minky Grant
80mm x 180mm Unframed
$165.00 - SOLD