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  • Stylidium - Image 1
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Ella Cliff, 2003

Stylidium (Trigger plants) are shown in three varieties; S. schoenoides, S. junceum and S. calcaratum.

"These beautiful plants have always fascinated me and I can never resist setting off the little trigger. When touched by an insect the trigger snaps across, showers pollen over the body of the inscet. The insect can then transfer to another flower which aids in the fertilization. There are over 130 species found in Western Australia."

Framed size: 845 x 375 mm

Style: Realism
Medium: Other. watercolour and ink
Signed: bottom
Weight: 2.0kg
Exhibitions: Ella Cliff
Ref. Code: aga135986_280
Price: $310.00 AUD
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Ella always liked drawing as a child, but never started any formal classes until 1978. Since then, she's entered into, and placed (winning the Encouragement Award, as well as 2nd and 3rd Prizes) in the Tweed Heads Rotary Club's Arts Competitions in New South Wales, and has exhibited at the Bedford Art Society, and at Ellis House, in Bayswater.

After a period working in oils, she has now settled on watercolour and ink under the tutelage of well known Perth artist and teacher, Ron Tassell.

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Art Gallery Australia Stylidium
Ella Cliff
375mm x 845mm Unframed
$310.00 - FOR SALE